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Curators Playlist is owned and operated by the Office Manager at Wardco Studios. We share as many music posts, songs, playlists, and videos as time allows on Curators Playlist and Wardco Studios social media; however, premium submissions also take priority.

Curators Playlist receives 100’s of song submissions each week. We do our best to listen to and review every song, if accepted, add it to the most appropriate playlist then share the song on Curators Playlist and Wardco Studios social media on a timely basis, there is a limit as to how many songs we can process in a day’s time. This can result in a delay of several days, or even a week, in processing your song, depending on how many submissions we get on a daily basis. This is why we offer premium submissions.

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Forget You by Unintended Strangers

We are a folk duo who co-write and collaborate completely online- we have never met in person. This was one of the very first songs we wrote, and still means a lot to us personally.

Swamp Witch Remaster Lyrics

We’ve all heard the story of selling your soul to the devil. But what about selling your soul to the Swamp Witch. This is a  story written by Author Ward Kelley (of Divine Murder) for his children then later turned into a rock song which is played by Ellusion of Wardco Studios.  Listen to the lyrics to follow Bar Keep Johnnie and Jungle Jane go from poor to rich! They go down, way on down to the bayou to see the Swamp Witch. Johnnie’s now a big man, Janie’s now a looker, Look at them, oh damn!

Mountain Switchback Lyrics by Lonesone Train

It’s not easy being a working band on the road. Indeed the singer sings “it’s hard to be the perfect band.” There are many distractions, but the worse of all is when they’re playing, and a beautiful woman on the dance floor breaks into a frenetic dance.

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We feel music should be enjoyable, emotional, have meaning, be relaxing or be fun. We love helping Indie Musicians!!!

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