December 02, 2019

Light Emitting Dinosaurs are a wife and husband Nikki and George Lewkowicz and non-wife and husband Ethan James and Archie Wolfman from Brixton. Ambition is their debut single coming out on Feb 1st.

In 2018, Archie brought George from old band Peter Cat, and Ethan from the rock musical The Quentin Dentin Show together into a rehearsal room. From the first chord, they all knew that a new legend of rock history had been written. But it wasn’t enough. For months, they played as a trio, trying out singers who were good but just not right. Finally, after some persuasion, Nikki joined a rehearsal. It was the voice they’d been looking for. The dinosaurs were finally emitting light.

As a quadzilla they aim to increase the fun and oddity in the world by combining the powers of subby bass, hard guitars and ethereal vocals. “We want to be on the borderline of epic and silly. Like your gran doing a surprisingly good rap.”

‘Ambition’ is their first self-released single and was recorded and produced at Brixton Hill Studios by Nick Howiantz. The video was made by George from the band and is the first music video filmed in ‘The Fortnite’s’ new creative mode.


By Light Emitting Dinosaurs


Ambition can be found on Progressive Rock by Curators Playlist.

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