New Indie Music Alert End of Week Roundup

Some of the music submitted this week!

Drop on Glass - Without

DROP ON GLASS is a new Emotional Dream-Rock project with Post-Punk to Dark-Wave and from Indie to Pop influences. Its sound winks at the best 80’s revisited in a modern key and it is characterized by a heavenly melancholy, sometimes combined with a romantic and dramatic theatricality.


Promoting Music Beyond Social Media

Promoting Music Beyond Social Media

While Social Media is great for sharing music you need to think about personal contact with your in-person crowd. Here are some ideas.

When on stage you need to tell the crowd how to find you online.

Find our music on Spotify playlist {insert playlist name}.

Ask the crowd to get out their cell phones and follow you on twitter {insert your @ twitter name}. You can do this with other social media too. If someone is having fun in a bar while listening to your music, they likely will follow you on social media.

Ask the crowd to share a short video clip of your band playing on stage to win a something. Have them share to your twitter @ name and set hashtag {hashtags can be the band’s name, bars name or whatever you want}. During break check out the shared video and give the winner the prize. Prizes can be an appetizer if the place you’re playing services food, a band t-shirt, etc Don’t forget to take a picture or video of the winner to share on your social media.

In-person music promotion ideas are welcome in the comment section.

Quick Priority Music Submission

Quick Priority Music Submission

Quick Priority Music Submission – $3.00


New Fresh Sounds Indie Music playlist on Spotify

New Fresh Sounds Indie Music playlist on Spotify

Got some great fresh indie music? You can submit your Spotify track to Fresh Indie Music by Curators Playlist by visiting the Fresh Indie Sounds submit page.

Visit Fresh Indie Sounds Submit Page

Playlist Curators looking for Fresh Indie Sounds music for our playlists. Every accepted track is shared on Twitter and Facebook. Tells us a bit about your music for a chance to be posted on our Indie Music blog. We love posting about Indie Music but you have to help us out by telling us a bit about your band, song, lyrics, etc.