For the next few months, these playlists will be collaborative Spotify playlists that you can add track(s) to. Go to the playlist, follow the playlist and add your track.

When a playlist has enough followers I will edit the playlist, and pick the songs are the best fit for that playlist. I will then send the playlist to Wardco Studios, where the playlist will be listened to and feedback on selected tracks will be provided via blog post. For those of you who don’t already know, I’m the office manager at Wardco Studios, and have access to the professionals there.

Note: When I review a playlist to pick the best songs, these are a couple of the of the things I look for. If someone dumps their whole album or all their tracks on the playlist, I listen to only one of these songs and dump the rest. I do not consider this person to be serious because that person did not take the time to select only the track(s) that are appropriate for that playlist. I have no problem when two or three tracks are added by the same person when it is apparent that each of the songs is appropriate for that playlist. This indicates to me that the person is serious and has taken the time to submit only their best music for a given playlist. The second thing I do is delete any song that not in line with the playlist theme. If the playlist is for folk music, then don’t submit a rap song.

Hint: If you tweet a playlist, add @KimbersPlaylist so I know you have shared it.

Please add your music tracks to any of the playlists shown or your own collaborative playlist in the comment section. Get updates on Twitter and/or our Newsletter.

Current Collaborative Spotify Playlist

These playlist will be checked again in March 2019.

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