Terms of Service
If you have questions you may contact us or use our FAQ page.
1. We do not accept payment to add songs to our playlist. We only accept follows and likes as support of the playlist you want to list on.
2. We only accept songs that fit the playlists.
3. We do not guarantee your song will be accepted.
4. We will do our best to play your song on the requested playlist or other playlist. If we like the song but it doesn’t fit any existing playlist, we most likely share it on our social media instead of playing it on a playlist.
5. We try to review all songs within 7 working days from the date of submission, depending on backlog.
6. We do accept songs or blog post that are disrespectful, hateful, or include inappropriate language. Please keep it clean.
7. We do not accept song submission via email or social media. You must submit your song using the online submission form associated with the playlist that matches the song you are submitting.
8. If you wish to edit a blog post, you need to contact us. We reserve the right to offer blog post editing in the future.
9. We reserve the right to reject any information, song, or blog post.
10. We will never take credit for anyone else work. However, we do reserve the right to share any submitted information on social media. Social media sharing is only done to promote music.
11. When a song is accepted, we reserve the right to remove the song at a later date or move it to another playlist. This is done rarely, but it may happen. When we move songs to a different playlist, those changes are reflected in our twitter feed.

All information, including your email address, is kept private. We never sell, trade, or give away information. We only use the information as attended for the purposes of the Curators Playlist website.

If you have questions about submitting your song or blog post, or about a song or blog post that you have already submitted, please contact Kimberly. Although she is the office manager at Wardco Studios, Curators Playlist is her personal project. However, all decisions are made by Kimberly. All decisions are final, and those decisions are not associated with Wardco Studios.