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Blessed x Daniel Caesar (COVER) By : Sha’Ron

Lyrics and Song Blessed x Daniel Caesar (COVER) By : Sha’Ron

Today’s New Music and News 3 25 2019

New playlist to submit your music too. Folks and Strokes Playlist This is a playlist I put together for Unsigned artists, I then match them up with songs from established artists. I also write a blog review about the artist and their songs on the playlist. If you have...

Hakeem Prime – Want You

Hakeem Prime is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer from Smyrna, Georgia.


Miss the high tide Miss the low light The simple things that hide I saw that couple from the plane At the baggage reclaim.

Fooling (Around) Lyrics

Lyrics for the song Fooling (Around) by Oldwing.

Our Man Stan Song and Lyrics

First single from the forthcoming EP, An Imperfect Cadence of Gloom and Ennui. Our Man Stan tells the story of an ordinary young man whose life is upended in an accident, and who is ultimately let down by a system stripped to its bare bones by so-called “austerity” measures.

All the Pretty Little Horses

An old American lullaby. Nobody’s quite sure who wrote it (it’s usually filed under “traditional”), but the song has been widely covered and re-interpreted by a range of artists from Odetta to Nick Cave. This is our take on this haunting, melancholy tune.

Collaborative Playlists March 2019

I was looking for Collaborative Playlists for Wardco Studio music and found these playlists. You can add your own music to any of these Spotify playlists. Hope they help you. Keep in mind they are collaborative playlists of today (3/9/2019) and I can't guarantee how...

New female singers playlist for International Women’s Day 2019

I have started a new call “For the Love of Female Singers” and would like your support by saving this playlist to your favorites. You can submit your song at no charge. New for International Women’s Day 2019