‘The Last Goodbye’ – is the new single from Gibraltar rock band Jetstream. Available on iTunes, apple music, Spotify, Amazon, google & soundcloud.

This track is being described by UK music journalists as THE power ballad for the digital age. With big rock vocals, Brit pop guitars and cool new wave synths this is a new and BIG sound for the band from the Rock of Gibraltar.

Jetstream have definitely reinvented the power ballad genre for the digital age with their latest single ‘The Last Goodbye’. Not only is the track a compelling hybrid of rock vocals and guitars overlaid with new wave pop synths and hip hop drums, but if you scratch underneath the surface just a touch you’ll find a much darker message.

Musically this song begins relatively modest with electro synths and beats. It slowly builds from bare bones to an almighty epic finale drawing from a web of rock influences both classic and modern such as the Who, the Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol and Imagine Dragons.

The mood of the song is sombre with lyrics that call out the listener to draw their own conclusion. Is this a typical love song or is this something darker? Is it for those who have lost and are longing, is it about missed opportunity?

Or is it for those who tirelessly wrestle with their own personal demons and can’t find the direction or support they search for?

This band won’t be revealing too much anytime soon, they prefer to take Bryan May’s approach to song writing leaving enough for people to make their own personal connection with the songs.

‘The Last Goodbye’ is the second release of 2018 by Jetstream following on from November’s ‘Delta Blues’ track which hit the airwaves earlier this year.

‘The Last Goodbye’ Written by S.Whitwell (c) Jetstream Official 2018 Recorded and Produced by Anywhere Studios & Studio91
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Note from Kimberly at Curators Playlist: I really enjoyed this song and moved it the playlist. 

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