Listen to “Long Road Home” by Caleb Young Band on Partying on the Back Roads Country Music

January 04, 2020

Long Road Home by Caleb Young Band is available on Partying on the Back Roads Country Music which was created around JSC Country Music

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Partying on the Back Roads Country Music by Spotify Playlist Curator Wardco Studios.

Long Road Home

Listen to Long Road Home on Spotify

The new single will be the first of many stories that I plan on sharing for years to come. And I want you to know that no matter where you are in your journey.. highs in life are only achieved from the momentum of lows. No moment is less important than the other, no day less valuable to your story, and you have a choice each day to make a comeback. Whether the comeback is big or small, you have the power to choose and have been delivered through grace to be able to make that choice.

Life is a long hard road, but the journey makes the music. From what I’m told, music is a window into our soul. Make good with the tune you can play.

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