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Our Man Stan Song and Lyrics

First single from the forthcoming EP, An Imperfect Cadence of Gloom and Ennui. Our Man Stan tells the story of an ordinary young man whose life is upended in an accident, and who is ultimately let down by a system stripped to its bare bones by so-called “austerity” measures.

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Jetstream – The Last Goodbye

This track is being described by UK music journalists as THE power ballad for the digital age. With big rock vocals, Brit pop guitars and cool new wave synths this is a new and BIG sound for the band from the Rock of Gibraltar.

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Forget You by Unintended Strangers

We are a folk duo who co-write and collaborate completely online- we have never met in person. This was one of the very first songs we wrote, and still means a lot to us personally.

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Empathy lyrics and song. Spotify track can be heard on Bob Dylan & Fairport Convention Style Music Playlist of Indie Folk songs.

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Swamp Witch Remaster Lyrics

We’ve all heard the story of selling your soul to the devil. But what about selling your soul to the Swamp Witch. This is a  story written by Author Ward Kelley (of Divine Murder) for his children then later turned into a rock song which is played by Ellusion of Wardco Studios.  Listen to the lyrics to follow Bar Keep Johnnie and Jungle Jane go from poor to rich! They go down, way on down to the bayou to see the Swamp Witch. Johnnie’s now a big man, Janie’s now a looker, Look at them, oh damn!

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Bottle Angel Lyrics

Bottle Angel lyrics. A man bases his life on drinking – doesn’t need a wife or friends, because he thinks he’s saved by the bottle. Then he meets a woman who turns his life around, and he realizes he was saved by his Bottle Angel.

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About Matt Groves & Rich Jane Song and Lyrics

Matt and Jane engage in a fateful tryst. We borrowed the plot of this song from Fairport Convention’s “Mattie Groves” who, in turn, borrowed their plot from an old English folk song. The idea was to produce a modern version of Mattie’s fate.

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