First single from the forthcoming EP, An Imperfect Cadence of Gloom and Ennui. Our Man Stan tells the story of an ordinary young man whose life is upended in an accident, and who is ultimately let down by a system stripped to its bare bones by so-called “austerity” measures.


Our man Stan, simple young man,
Knew his home town like the back of his hand,
No great vision, no great plan,
Just a footnote, just an also-ran,
Our man Stan could have done much better,
Our man Stan should have gone one better,
Our man Stan left alone, unfettered,
Chasing no gain, chasing no vendetta,
Our man Stan,
Our man Stan

Trouble at work, trouble at home,
On the shop floor with a broken bone,
If he can’t lift, then he can’t work,
Out of a job and out on his own,
Wasn’t his fault he was tired and shaking,
Wasn’t his fault that his back was breaking,
In a cold flat, worrying and aching,
Counting the coins that he isn’t making,
Our man Stan,
Our man Stan

Stands up in line, nought to his name,
Restart officer shifting the blame,
Can’t he move home, pay to retrain,
Can’t he lift loads in spite of the pain?
Our man Stan says he’s not workshy,
That the pain is real and his debt’s sky-high,
But the man at the desk has targets to meet, so
Our man Stan is out on the street,
Our man Stan,
Our man Stan

Our man Stan, broken young man
Just one good soul dealt a bad hand,
No route out, no escape plan,
Numbing his pain with another tin can,
Our man Stan,
Our man Stan

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