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Submit Your Music 2020

Curators Playlist is owned and operated by the Office Manager at Wardco Studios. We share as many music posts, songs, playlists, and videos as time allows on Curators Playlist and Wardco Studios social media. We do offer “Priority Music Submissions for $3.00“.

Our Currently Featured Love Song Curatored Playlists

How to Grow AN Audience

1. Listen to This love song.

To give you an idea of what we are looking for.  Optional

2. Submit Your Love Song

Quick Priority submission to Curators Playlist website. Song may be added to playlist, website, blog, social media, etc… $3 review fee.  Learn More.

~or ~

Free submission to “One Step into Love” Spotify curated playlist. Your song will be queried in order of arrival and after partners submissions or quick priority submissions. We never charge to submit music to any playlist however our partners always come first. Submit Music.

3. We listen and do our best to list all the music. 

Free submission GuideLine


Find a playlist that matches your music.

Submitting your song to several playlists or a playlist it doesn’t match will not get your music listed.  


Follow the instructions to submit Music (or track). See “Submitting music tutorials” for more help.


Fill out the form to submit music.


Skip steps 1 and 2 and go directly our $3 Quick Submission Form.

Priority Music Submission $3