Debut album as a solid foundation. 

Dear music lovers of modern classics, we would like to present a young, sympathetic composer and pianist at this point. Pedram Babaiee lives in Tehran and his debut album which will be released on 20 November 2018 is further proof that classical music is a language that is spoken around the world. Also the Modern Classical still has a home in regions in which one would suspect it’s probably not necessary. Pedram Babaiee and the piano are probably taken together, heart and soul, for the understanding of music on this instrument ranges definitely on genre greats approach.
Born in 1992, Pedram Babaiee (in Persian: پدرام بابایی) began his music career in 2010. The Iranians, who temporarily lived here in Germany, pulled it back to his home. By compositions of music for short films and commercials were built his understanding and experience in the music genre from extraordinary. By the end of 2017 he had more than 24 hours composing original music for feature films, performing arts or contemporary dance and produced. His debut album is basically a collage of songs written by the Iranian. This includes a suite with four movements, a modern composition in three movements, pieces from the collection “Sketches” and experimental title with marginal tracks from the ambient.

 Quiet and intimate facets

That talent is definitely there, undoubtedly proves the debut album by Pedram BabaieeOn the debut, the quiet and intimate facets that have a very relaxing aura shine. The articulations and dynamics in the sonatas are complex and appropriately placed in the frame. Even the agogics are largely variable in the pieces. Romantic moments, which brings to the pianist in a very emotional game on the piano the listener. There are stories of people who were very close to the pianist, fragmented memories of loved ones or close friends. Above all, a woman must have impressed deeply the composer.

Like the album-concept-be not unique, but it is the best way for musicians to express their thoughts and feelings on each instrument in a creative way. Generally speaking, the pieces are held in a comfortable length, very harmonious sonatas are arranged on the album. The pace has been adapted to the canon, ranging from meditative and dreamy, to disturbing and rapid attacks. Much from the soul of the composer is brought here on the musical scale. Especially the suite with a charming grace which in the emotional world looks entranced deep by pianist. Sensitively and gently emotional arcs are constructed and put down as a gentle, warm veil on the handset. Dreamy and with deep empathy at the same time.

A warm rain feeling full and fascination

The Romantic Tenor is located on a high level. The melancholy facets have quite profound consequences for their own, auditory sense of hearing. Especially the piece ” Exhausted ” and the three progressive pieces ” Flowers for M ” have an aura of timeless art with their sound aesthetic. The shift in emphasis needed here, as with so many artists, special praise. Part poetic and modern, textured soundscapes on the highest level, expect a listening of “sketches”, led by acting the piece “279” as a soulful dance above the clouds. A warm rain feeling full and fascination that goes deep into the heart.

The conclusion remains, piano and Pedram Babaiee have long been in a committed relationship for the love of music. “Piano Works: Portrait of an Imaginary Beloved” must be conceived as a classical piano art, it is immaculate and full of beauty. In our modern world, it is exactly this kind of music, you need to remember and to collect himself. Considering that it is a debut album, in which already operates on a highly utmost level, one may be sure that Iranians will present one day in venues around the world his art to the public. Therefore, the album also receives a recommendation from us. 

“I see music as the most powerful form of communication and Interaction” – Pedram Babaiee

by Gezeitenstrom Music Magazine blog

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