Need Photo Editing without all the hassle?

All you want is some simple photo editing, but the salesperson will not listen to you and explains how you need this package or that service, that you have to get new pictures taken because what you’ve got cannot be edited, and then you’re gonna end up with a huge bill. Or, you log onto a photo-editing service web page, and request the editing, but the end product isn’t at all what you asked for. If this sounds like what has happened to you, then you have come to the right place.

No Problem! Kimberly at Curators Playlist can fix just about any picture(s) for an average price of $15.00 to $25.00. Look at my gallery of example before-and-after pictures in a set and/or as singles to find pricing and ideas, then ask for a quote. I’m a real person, and we can work together on whatever it is that you want to have done to your photo(s).

How does this work? 


  • You tell me what you need. I don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.
  • I edit the pictures (some jobs may require a small deposit, usually $10 non- refundable to cover my time to find the right photo effect or specific background that you ask for).
  • I edit the picture(s) and send the finished pictures back to you (the photo(s) will have a watermark, which I will remove before you buy them). If I come up with any additional (and great!) ideas while I’m editing, I will send them also—no extra fee, I just love to create cool pictures and when a creative idea hits me, there is not sense wasting the artwork.
  • You pay and I send you the pictures, without the watermark. Payments are usually via PayPal, which is preferred, but I can take other forms of payment.

Cell Phone Pictures!

Did a friend of yours get a great picture of you playing your guitar, or bass, or drums, or whatever, using their cell phone but the background is horrible, and you just want that cleaned up?

These three example cost for custom photo-editing, such as in the example above, is approximately $25 for three pictures, each picture with a different effect or background. Prices vary, so please ask for a quote.

Single Image Gallery.

Price range from $15 and up.



Do you want to make yourself stand out in a picture? Do you want to get rid of big beer signs on the bar wall that are behind you?

Remove Backgrounds

Do you want to get rid of the audience, whether in a bar at night, or outside during a festival?

Ask Me!

It never hurts to ask for a quote. If you don’t ask, how will you ever know.

Need A Mockups?

Music Banners & Headers Examples.

Prices range $25 and up.