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Before submitting music you should know:

I want to be upfront and tell you we do not accept music that is extremist viewpoint, hate-filled, overuse of explicit language including sexual terms, violences of any type, extremely disrespectful to women and/or gang-related, gang looking images or gangbanger.

Sure, I love to listen to love/hate songs and revenge hate songs but not if they are extremely violent towards someone. I also love a good drinking song or partying in a bar. I don’t care if a song has a story that includes a gun or someone dies in a song but there needs to be a reason besides. No just killing people including the police.

In general, I will not allow a blog post or blog post song that is just someone screaming about who they hate, who want to hurt, how they are going to hurt them and/or every other word is explicit language.

We feel music should be enjoyable, emotional, have meaning, be relaxing or be fun. If that is not you, you are in the wrong place. If this is you, please submit your music …. We love helping Indie Musicians!!!

All indie music we hear on this website, a playlist or social media could end up on a playlist or blog however we never change to review music for any Spotify or other types of playlists.

Since you have been warned, we do not offer a refund on rejected our blog post or playlists submission.

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