While Social Media is great for sharing music you need to think about personal contact with your in-person crowd. Here are some ideas.

When on stage you need to tell the crowd how to find you online.

Find our music on Spotify playlist {insert playlist name}.

Ask the crowd to get out their cell phones and follow you on twitter {insert your @ twitter name}. You can do this with other social media too. If someone is having fun in a bar while listening to your music, they likely will follow you on social media.

Ask the crowd to share a short video clip of your band playing on stage to win a something. Have them share to your twitter @ name and set hashtag {hashtags can be the band’s name, bars name or whatever you want}. During break check out the shared video and give the winner the prize. Prizes can be an appetizer if the place you’re playing services food, a band t-shirt, etc Don’t forget to take a picture or video of the winner to share on your social media.

In-person music promotion ideas are welcome in the comment section.

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