Bulgarian talented singer Deyan Angeloff and a Bulgarian multi-instrumentalist with Progressive rock, Jazz and Classic musical literacy, Konstantin Jambazov (ClearLand, VirtueL, Hades) worked together for the first time.
Here is a Catchy and exhilarating Melodic rock album like shining stars, elegant vocal harmonies weaving beautiful melody.

Deyan Algeloff has a vocal style like Gino Vannelli, Fergie Frederiksen, Joseph Williams, Tom Kelly and has a very unconstrained and mild voice. Konstantin Jambazov plays flashy and technically gorgeous hard-edged guitar. The two musicians recorded Melodic Hard Rock / Hard Pop tunes with European melancholy taste.

The sound is the same as VirtueL or Jambazov’s solo albums, A.O.R./Melodic Rock like Asia, Journey, Ambrosia, Toto. Also highly recommended to Melodic Hard Rock fans of AOR, Change Of Heart, Shadowman, W.E.T and so on!

Listen to Ridge on our Indie Rock Playlist!

Listen to Physics, Not Metaphysics

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