Second Man on the Moon – Jubilee Version
By Die Kammer
From the album Second Man on the Moon

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May I introduce: Die Kammer

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Austro-German Indie-Folk band Die Kammer is re-releasing the song „Second Man on the Moon” from their current album “Some T#ings Wrong”. A beautiful fragile ballad about the pressure we all feel as we all strive to achieve the highest goals but fail; about the fact that we’re effectively never the first or the best, because someone else has always been faster. In parallel Die Kammer released a video for the song, performing the song virtually “on the moon”.


“Die Kammer” is a European Indie-Folk band formed by musicians Marcus Testory and Matthias Ambré. In addition to the two protagonists, the band includes an alternative sextet orchestra consisting of cello, viola, violin, tuba, bass and drums. Ambré/Testory additionally perform without the orchestra as a duo. Their songs tell bizarre and morbid stories that are characterized by melancholy, transience and death, but also of an unwavering joy and lust for life. The narratives often include fine sarcasm and subtle social criticisms, drawing from personal experiences. These works are separated by seasons under a specific title. Die Kammer, currently in Season IV, began on October 13th 2018 under the title “Some T#ings Wrong.”

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