How to feature playlists on your artist profile using Spotify for Artists.

This is a two-part tutorial on how to use Spotify for Artists to let fans know what playlist your music is on.

If you have not done so. Sign up at Spotify for Artists

Once your logged in to Spotify for Artists, at the top Spotify for Artist page click “Profile”.

Part 1 – Adding a playlist to your Artists Profile.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “Artist Playlists”. There is a box with a plus in it and text that says “Choose playlists you made on Spotify to feature on your profile.

* I know it says playlists “you made” but you can add any playlists. 



Type in the name of the playlist to search for it. Then pick the playlist. 

If you can’t find your playlist. Paste in the url. 

Click save. 

1. Go to the Spotify app. (If you open Spotify in a browser windows it might not show the playlists section.)

2. Go to your Artist Page.

3. Scroll to the bottom to find Artists Playlists.


Part 2 – Featuring a Playlist on your Artist’s Profile.

Near the top of your Artist page at Spotify for Artists you will see “Artist’s Pick”.  Click that box.

You will be given a list of playlists from the playlists you have added using part 1 of the Spotify for Artists tutorial. You can also search for a playlist.


Pick a playlist you want to feature.


If you want to add a background to this playlist check background image and add your image. Click save.


IMPORTANT: This expires in 14 days. I recommend you create a calendar alert to remind you check back each 14 days and add a playlist.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me on Twitter, Curators Playlist Facebook group, comment section below or use our contact us form. 

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