Steps to Submitting a Song

Find a playlist that fits your song. Click the “Start Song Submission” button below the playlist. Then follow these steps.

1. Click the Spotify button and a new small window will open.

2. Click Follow and Like blue button.

3. Log into Spotify and/or click Spotify button.
(If you are logged into Spotify, this step may not appear.)

4. Click the Submit Your Song blue button. 

5. You will be taken to a form to submit your song and an optional blog post. If you are only submitting a song, fill out the required information and skip to the bottom and click submit.
** Important – We don’t proofread, edit, or format blog posts. Please make sure your post is ready to be posted and made public. Blog posts can be song lyrics or interesting information about your song, music, or band. Remember to keep it clean and respectful. We reserve the right to not accept your submitted blog post.

Your song will be reviewed and in most cases added to an existing playlist. In rare cases, we will create a new playlist for your song(s). Please allow us time to listen to your song and/or review your blog post before making them public.