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by | Mar 14, 2019

Submitting artists have to follow your submitted playlist & featured artist profile before they can submit music to your playlist.

We post your playlist on our social media pages and groups when you add songs. Just twitter us or reply to the new song notification email when you add a new song submitted using our gateway. We also write blog posts about the most active playlists.

You decide which tracks to add to your playlist. This is your playlist and you reserve all rights.

Rule:  You may not ask the artist submitting to a playlist you originally submitted to Curators Playlists for money or offer services in exchange for placement on your playlists. You may not add the artist to any mailing list without the express consent of that artist. You may not sell or share the artist information. Breaking these rule will result in having your original playlist, and any additional songs submitted by other artists to that playlist, removed from Curators Playlists.

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The image may be used on our website or social media to promote your playlist.

We like to Tweet Playlist!

We reservice the right to reject hateful and other playlists.

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